Turkey, is as important for its geographical location as for being the habitat for hundreds of different cultures for thousands of years.

The city of Istanbul has a history going back to 5500 BC and even then was one of the most important bridges between cultures and continents. Coffee made its journey to the Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 15th century through Ethiopia and Yemen, finally reaching this ancient city. It was consumed and loved first among the palace inhabitants and the upper class, but soon found its way to the first coffee houses so called ‘kahve hane’ which were established in Istanbul (Tahtakale/Eminonu 1555) to be enjoyed by ordinary people as well.

Turkish Coffee is with us on good days as on bad days. When we start the day and when we end it, when we visit each other, when a baby is born, when someone dies, when we meet on the street and chat, in coffee houses, when we watch the street from a traditional bay window, when we listen to fortune tellers with excitement, hoping that after drinking our coffee and turning the cup upside down until its cold, we can sit ready for our future to be told. Our coffee is with us in every moment of this short life that we enjoy.

Turkish Coffee has been brewed in these territories for more than 500 years. Our traditional coffee is known around the world by its own name and is a brand which has its own brewing technique and presentation rituals. Istanbul is an important capital city of coffee and with its extraordinary history and culture comes the right to celebrate it with a festival.

The Istanbul Coffee Festival was established in 2014 based on this rich cultural heritage. The festival covers a huge range of coffee types, starting from traditional brewing to Turkish Coffees, 3rd wave coffee culture to the speciality coffee industry, and therefore has become a meeting point for all coffee lovers and one of the most important events in the world.

We celebrate coffee heritage as well as it’s history with workshops, seminars, live concerts, keynote speakers, coffee machine manufacturers, brewing and grinding equipment providers, green bean exporters, artisan treats served with coffee and much more where COFFEE BEANS are the lead. Thousands of coffee lovers taste hundreds of thousands of coffees, have fun, enjoy themselves, smile and laugh and learn all together and from each other.

The Istanbul Сoffee Festival is now an important festival and a great contribution to the local and global coffee culture. This event is much more than just gathering over a cup of brew, it is about the history, culture and art of coffee.

We will be delighted to welcome you to our coffee festivals in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

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Contact: coffee@coffeefestival.com

Dream Sales Machine Team / Hayal Makinası

Important notes about Turkey, Festivals and Coffee:

  • The frst festival in the Republic of Turkey was “Balkan Oyunları Festivali”. Being the first festival in the Republic of Turkey, it was held in numerous places in İstanbul in 1935, 1936 and 1937 initiated by Atatürk. The primary purpose of these festivals was to maintain a peaceful environment e as a result of the Balkan Agreement after WW I, as well as help a cultural amalgamation for the nations that were part of the agreement. The “Balkan Festivali” included various sport activities, fine arts and folk-dance shows. Atatürk also attended the festival especially showing his interest in arts and dance. In this paper the matters of why this festival was held, how the Turkish government prepared for the festival, the situations and news that arose during the festival and the cultural contribution of this festival to the Republic of Turkey, such as “Atabarı”, will be discussed.
  • When visiting Turkey, please make sure you follow The Best Festivals in Turkey: https://festivals.goturkiye.com/
  • Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Association: https://turkkahvesidernegi.org/en/
  • For award winning books about coffee: http://cenkgirginol.com/
  • You can find Coffee Museums in Safranbolu and Kapadokya.